Artist Statement

“現実と記憶の間にあるヴィジョンについての考察 ”
特に着目したのは現実の事象が記憶される際には必ず知覚を通過する点です。この視点に立つ限り我々はある事象に対してコンセンサスを得ることは出来ない。何故ならば知覚は身体、すなわち器質(先天性、環境適応問わず)ありきの機能だからです。 (この事を前提としながら尚コミュニケーションのレベルでの同意が可能なのは言葉/記号の力に他なりませんがこの件は差し当たり言及致しません) 視力、身長、瞳の色… 器質的個体差はそのまま知覚の差、記憶の相違としてついに他者との壁を越えることはない。 僕の記憶は“数十、あるいは数百、数千分の一”という長さでは記憶されていません。“瞬間”といってもせいぜい三分の一秒くらいのものでしょう。 認識の連写を脳内で“一瞬”という形に落とし込んだ視覚情報に音、臭いなどの様々な情報を併せてパッケージしたものが記憶であるとの仮定から出発し、現実の仕組みから創出する“未知の風景”とういうヴィジョンを決定したところで主題の完成をみました。


“An exploration of vision as lying between reality and memory”

One of my primary focuses has been the fact that objects in reality must always pass through perception before they are committed to memory. As long as we view the world from that perspective, it will be impossible to reach a consensus with regard to how certain objects appear. That is because perception is a function of the body, dependent on the organs
(i.e. separate from congenital or environmental factors. Working from that assumption, it follows that agreement at a communication level can only be obtained using the power of words and symbols, but I will refrain from discussing that topic further.)
Vision, height, eye color… the inter-individual relationship between these elements determines gaps in perception that lead finally to differences in memory, boundaries between people that cannot be overcome. My memory does not record at lengths of one tenth, one hundredth or one thousandth. In terms of moments, it likely includes subdivisions as long as one-third. By beginning from the hypothesis that memory is a packaging of these continuous frames of visual information with other various data, including sounds and smells, I am able to arrive at a form of vision that generates “unknown landscapes” using realistic mechanisms. It is then that my subjects reach their completion.


Selected Solo Exhibition
2014 “Toru Tanno” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibiton
2018 “Something Precious: Heisei” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2017 “Yasushi Ikejiri × Toru Tanno”  (Art Fair Tokyo, Tokyo International Forum, SEIZAN Gallery Booth, Tokyo)
2016 “Something Precious: idol” (SEIZAN Gallery, Tokyo)
2013 Two Person Exhibition, “Deconstructing” (NIGHT GALLERY CAFÉ CROW, Tokyo)


Toru TANNO / 丹野 徹

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Works and lives in Tokyo, Japan.
At present, his practice is devoted to the series “Subterranean,”
based on his study of perception, the world at large, and the gap that lies between the two.