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BLACK *series

主題と手法の一致を試みた作品群です。モノクロームではなくカラーの“黒”。色を重ね、或は抜くことで“黒”をつくっております。 色に対する認識は器質、文化的背景に大きく影響されている。感覚器官はすなわち身体であり器質の個体差、それに及ぼす環境的要因についての考察を作品にしました。 生物は種によって異なる視覚を持っている。人についても差の大小はあれ個体差(色覚はもちろん身長、視力などの器質要因)があり人はそれぞれ異なる視界がある。 「知覚と世界」とは「身体論」でもあります。個体差を超えて得られる共感に言及すること目指して「先ず色を盛り」「それを無効にする」手法を用いております。

These works were an attempt to find consistency between subject matter and artistic practice. The black referenced is “blackness derived from color,” rather than monotone black. Such blackness is created by overlapping and removing layers of color until the particulars disappear. Our awareness of color is greatly influenced by both organic elements and cultural backdrops. To begin with, our sensory organs are parts of the body. I have attempted, here, to ponder the interindividual differentiation between those organic features and the environmental elements that influence them. Different living things possess different types of vision. Humans, too, have certain differences in their vision (of course because of color perception, but also for more organic reasons like height and depth of field). An exploration of our perceptions of the world is an exploration of the body. Thus, my method of priming color and rendering it null is a way of seeking empathy that can overcome individual differentiation.