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Upon seeing this landscape in the Kakumanbuchi marshes, I was struck by the notion of adding a deer to the scene. The scenery resembles an ink painting of snow-blown wetlands and the blurring of my vision aided with contemplation. I began to think of the scene as an antithesis of the “wondrous world” that results from the high resolution of modern cameras, most of which have an ability to capture detail that is superior to the human eye itself.
The deer has symbolic function, like an omen, but there is no sort of foundation behind the symbolism. I simply felt there should be a deer in the image. Such flashes of inspiration happen often, many times leading to new subject matter, and premonition is itself the subject matter of this piece, so the undefined nature of the inspiration seemed appropriate.

†deer, 2019
30× 50 cm / 11.8 × 19.7 in
Archival Giclee Print



SPECIMEN †roots, 2016

Solo Exhibition "Emaciated Eternity" (May 2 - June 29, 2019),SEIZAN Gallery New York 出展作品