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†soil and sheep


This work captures the image of a blackhead sheep, lit by soft sunlight through fog, using traditional methods of photographic reproduction. However, I have included an objection to traditional methods in one important area – aspect ratio.1 Usually, aspect ratio is not defined by the pursuit of beauty but by industrial standards (although those standards do of course take beauty into account). I believe that the aspect ratio chosen should be the one that achieves the greatest beauty for the scenery pictured.

1 Aspect ratio
In photography, aspect ratio is the proportional relationship between the width and height of a single image. A variety of aspect ratios exist, ranging from square frames to widescreen. Traditionally, 35 mm film cameras had a built in aspect ratio of 3:2, while video cameras were made to fit square TV frames and used an aspect ratio of 4:3. With the advent of digital cameras, it became possible to choose freely from multiple aspect ratios with the use of a single camera. Such freedom would not have been possible with traditional photographic methods.

†soil and sheep, 2015
80.3×26.5 cm / 31.6× 10.4 in
Archival Giclee Print



†soil and sheep, 2015

80.3×26.5 cm / 31.6× 10.4 in Archival Giclee Print