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The rhinoceros which walks the sky


The rhinoceros which walks the sky. The idea for this piece came to me as I was gazing at the clouds one day and imagined I could see a rhinoceros walking among them. The photography was shot with the intention of making large prints on glossy paper, so I chose a frame that was as thin as possible and attached aluminum to the rear so that it could be stood against a wall.
A great many art forms have developed along with the evolution of architecture. In recent years, installations have prospered and I felt that photos themselves can now be produced as “objects” that become part of the “space,” leading me to consider what kind of photographs could be considered as “architectural elements.”

The rhinoceros which walks the sky, 2015
72.8×48.3 cm / 28.7×19 in
Inkjet print



The rhinoceros which walks the sky, 2015

Solo Exhibition "Emaciated Eternity" (May 2 - June 29, 2019),SEIZAN Gallery New York 出展作品